Just kidding, that was clickbait. Learning new STEM technologies is usually a good idea to figure out what you want to do next. STEM is an acronym that stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math. It’s an acronym for roles that require technical skills. …


`What happens when you type a URL in your browser and press Enter?` This is a common interview question used to assess a candidate’s web stack knowledge. Many software engineering candidates struggle with this concept, myself included. The following are a few concepts that every developer should be familiar with.

DNS Requests

IoT is an umbrella term for “smart” devices that are connected to each other through the internet.[1] This article will cover a brief history of IoT, the advantages of IoT, but will mainly cover the inherent risks of IoT.

Brief History of Smart Devices

The first smart device may have…

Python is an object-oriented language, where every assignment can be much bigger than it seems.

For example, a simple string assignment to a variable:

x = “hello”

This string assignment is actually an object that can hold many pieces of contextual data such as the length of the string.


Libraries are used in C to ensure that our code is reusable and organized. One type of library in C is the Dynamic Library. The Dynamic library consists of separate pieces of object code. Because of this modularity, it’s possible to alter the source code without needing to recompile the…

The short answer is that create-react-app has the “noEmit” setting set to “true” by default.

But why?

The tsc command used by itself will look for the tsconfig.json file in the current and parent directories.

thiscomputer codefolder % tsc

Once found, the file or directories specified in “files” or…

“For whosoever reads this, immense power will bestow them… probably.”

The shallow version:

To compile all your C files in the directory to object files:

gcc -c *.c

To create a library:

ar -rc yourlibraryname.a *.o

Then index your library:

ranlib yourlibraryname.a

The in-depth version:

We use libraries to organize information, which often simplifies access to that information. The same…

“Why yes, I do know what happens when a file goes through gcc.”


Terminal input command:

gcc [filename]


First, the file goes through the preprocessor where the code from header files (like #include <stdio.h> or #include “custom_library_file”) are placed into the output file. Your file just got a bit larger.


Second, the file goes through the compiler where all the…

“The pioneers used to ride these babies for MILES!”

There is a meme I can’t find about a Mom deleting a game on her child’s computer, but the child isn’t too bothered because she only deleted the shortcut to the game and not the actual itself. A symbolic link on Linux is like a Window’s shortcut: you can delete…

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