Thinking About Getting into Web Development? Don’t do it.


JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Java, Ruby, C#, HTML, CSS

Frameworks and tools

React, Angular, Svelte, Django, Flask, .NET, Vue, Ruby on Rails, Git, PostgreSQL, MySQL, database services, API services, and many more…


Although web development has greatly matured over the last decade, there are tons of innovative technology in the works such as web assembly[1], multi-model databases[2], and composable CSS animations[3]. Working in tech usually pays well, the work environment is automation-friendly, remote work is more of a possibility, and free-lancing adds greater work flexibility to the profession.

Possible Negatives

Web development is close to mass user experience, which often means having frequent conversations with clients over what they exactly want and what is technically feasible with the given budget. Freelancers working with non-technical clients will often require the developer to translate technical jargon into something anyone can understand.



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