Thomas Francis
2 min readJan 7, 2022

This post is part of a project for the Web Development specialization at Holberton New Haven.

In response to the fake user persona and story map below, I have come up with the following ideas to improve overall user experience.

Addressing Specific Pain Points

  • instead of users initially scrolling endlessly, have a favorite song or favorite artist widget so that users can begin listening to them without typing in their entire name in the search bar
  • instead of a randomly choosing songs even from the same artist, switching between entire genre’s should be avoided to ensure a consistent user experience
  • make it so that clicking on the specific header in a list, sorts that list by that header. Clicking on year should switch between different sorting methods such as sorting by oldest or newest.
Figma Diagram
Favorites Widget Prototype
Favorites Widget Prototype Expanded (Pressing “Load more…”)


Student #1:

I think the colors and font need to be closer to Spotify’s original look, but otherwise the feature seems straight-forward.

Student #2:

It’s missing a way to toggle it off and on. And there should be a “Less” button so that “Load more…” doesn’t go to infinity.

Student #3:

I like it. I would totally use it.

Student #4:

The widget needs to follow the font. The color is fine because it allows it to pop out just enough to know that it is its own thing.

Student #5:

Missing an “exit” and a minimize button. I like the concept.